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Purple Loosestrife Project - Upper Elementaryfree sample lesson
Grade level: 4-6Date:  1999Program cost:  $0.00
Description: This elementary version of the Purple Loosestrife Project focuses on raising beetles as a biological control agent for purple loosestrife. It provides enough background information and activities to be an introductory study in botany, ecology and insect life cycles.
Purple Loosestrife Project 9-12free sample lesson
Grade level: 9-12Date:  1999Program cost:  $0.00
Description: This program gives students a practical application of invasive species management focusing on purple loosestrife. Students assess the plant diversity in an infested wetland, raise and apply beetles in a marsh as a control agent, and monitor the results.
Supplemental Curriculum Activities: Paddle-to-the-Seafree sample lesson
Grade level: 3-6Date:  1988Program cost:  $10.00
Description: Activities designed to reinforce and extend the experiences and understanding provided by this well-known and well-loved story. Interdisciplinary activity topics relate directly to the adventures of characters in the story, and provide students with a variety of hands-on experiences.
The Great Lake Superior Learning Kitfree sample lesson
Grade level: 3-6Date:  1992Program cost:  $0.00
Description: A traveling kit containing activities and resources for discovery-based classroom activities focusing on Lake Superior concepts and issues: world fresh/salt water comparison; cooperative stewardship; biomagnification and bioacccumulation in food chains; watersheds; and animal adaptations.
The Lake Superior Gamefree sample lesson
Grade level: 5-12Date:  2003Program cost:  $2.50
Description: This is a role-play activity where learners assume the roles of various Lake Superior stakeholders and make decisions to either pollute or protect the lake, thus experiencing the challenges of preserving and enhancing the Lake Superior ecosystem.

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