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7 | Lake Ontario and its tributaries

Lake Ontario AOCs. Oswego River: With over 1.2 million people living in the basin area, point and nonpoint source pollution have impaired the river's beneficial use.

Rochester Embayment: PCBs and pesticides have contributed to the embayment's degraded state.

Eighteen Mile Creek: The creek, which discharges into Olcott Harbor, suffers from contaminated sediments and degradation of benthos.

Hamilton Harbour: Canals and in-filling of 25% of the original bay have eliminated 75% of the original wetlands, protected inlets and shallow areas.

Metro Toronto: With more than 3 million people in the watershed, the greatest pollution source is urbanization, such as combined sewer overflows and waste treatment plants.

Port Hope: The contamination of the harbor with heavy metals and PCBs, is the result of past waste management practices in the processing of uranium and radium during the 1930s and 1940s.

Bay of Quinte: Agricultural and urban runoff, sediments, sewage treatment plants, industrial discharges, combined sewer overflows, illegal sewer connections, shoreline development and atmospheric deposition are the bay's primary pollution sources.

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