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6 | Lake Erie and its tributaries

Lake Erie AOCs. Maumee River: Although the river originates in Ft. Wayne, Ind., most of the Maumee lies in northern Ohio. Agricultural runoff and dumps lining the river have contributed to its contamination.

Black River: The Black River AOC encompasses the entire watershed in Ohio, and non-point source pollution is currently the greatest factor contributing to its degradation.

River Raisin: The AOC is the lower portion (2.6 miles) of the River Raisin, and the pollution has been caused by historical discharges of oils and grease, heavy metals, and PCBs to the river from industrial facilities in the area.

Cuyahoga River: The 1969 fire on the Cuyahoga helped prompt the beginnings of water conservation: the Clean Water Act, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Environmental Protection Agency. Eutrophication and heavy metal contamination are among the several environmental problems affecting the river.

Wheatley Harbour: While wastewater treatment plant pollution has been improved, PCBs and leaking septic systems still remain a concern for this AOC.

Ashtabula River: Located in northeastern Ohio, three decades of unregulated discharges and mismanagement of hazardous waste has created a serious contaminated sediment problem for the river.

Click for larger image. Presque Isle Bay: With its watershed being 80% urbanized, the bay, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, suffers from point and nonpoint source pollution.

Buffalo River: Regarded an "impact" area, heavy industrial development and urbanization have contributed to the river's contaminated sediments.

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