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TEACH Areas of Concern

5 | Lake Huron and its tributaries

Lake Huron AOCs. Spanish Harbour: Many of the impacts from the discharge of the pulp and paper mill at Espanola, which led to the listing of the river and harbor as an Area of Concern, have been cleaned up.

Severn Sound: Located in southeastern Georgian Bay, the primary problems in the area are the result of sewage plant discharge, agricultural runoff and shoreline development.

Collingwood Harbour: In November 1994, Collingwood Harbour became the first Area of Concern in North America to be delisted.

Saginaw River and Bay: The Remedial Action Plan (RAP) process identified 12 of the 14 beneficial use impairments in the Saginaw River and Bay, due to pollution from a number of industrial and residential sources.

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