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3 | Lake Superior and its tributaries

Lake Superior AOCs. Peninsula Harbor: Located in Marathon, Ont., on the northeastern shore of Lake Superior, historical discharges from a paper mill and the water pollution control plant have caused severe damage to the harbor's ecosystem.

Jackfish Bay: Wastewater from a paper mill as well as nonpoint source pollution, sediment contamination, and spills have contaminated the bay.

Nipigon Bay: The communities of Red Rock and Nipigon are located within this AOC; discharges from a packaging company, pollution from historic log drives, and excessive water level fluctuations have all contributed to the degradation of the bay.

Thunder Bay: While the bay is one of the largest grain handling ports in the world, much of the pollution is a result of the forest products industry.

St. Louis River: The largest U.S. tributary to Lake Superior, the AOC is located in the lower St. Louis River. The river has been degraded by improperly handled sewage, leaking landfills and hazardous wastes, and the loss of its open water and wetlands due to filling in the river's estuary.

Deer Lake-Carp Creek River: While mercury discharge from mining factories ended in 1981, mercury contamination is still a problem for this AOC.

Torch Lake: Located on the Keweenaw Peninsula, 100 years of copper mining, milling, and smelting activities has contaminated the waters.

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