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TEACH History & Culture

TEACH: History and Culture includes historical features on the lakes themselves and the unique people and places of the region. Art and prose with a Great Lakes focus is highlighted, as well.

Building the Mackinac Bridge Building the Mackinac Bridge
Rising 552 feet (that's 55 stories!) above the Straits of Mackinac, where lakes Michigan and Huron meet, is the world-famous Mackinac Bridge. Also known as the "Mighty Mac," this engineering marvel is 5 miles long and, anchor block to anchor block, holds the record as the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Native Peoples of the Great Lakes Region Native Peoples of the Great Lakes Region
Indians, or Native Peoples, were the original inhabitants of the Great Lakes region. Approximately 120 tribes and First Nations have occupied the Great Lakes basin over the course of history. Through this series of photo essays, learn about the history, livelihood and oral tradition of these proud peoples.

Great Lakes Law and Policy
Legislation focusing on the Great Lakes basin involves the federal governments of the United States and Canada. Find out how these two governments are organized and the agreements and policies both have made in order to protect the Great Lakes.

What's in a name? What's in a name?
Ever wonder how the Great Lakes got their names? Read on!

Great Lakes environmental writers Great Lakes environmental writers
The Great Lakes region has been home to many famous people, including authors. This article presents four who have made significant contributions to conservation and environmental protection and the places that inspired them.

Fountain of the Great Lakes Fountain of the Great Lakes
Visit the fountain at the Art Institute of Chicago and learn about Lorado Taft, its creator.


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