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TEACH: Geography covers the diverse physical features of the Great Lakes and surrounding region. The shorelines of the lakes, for example, vary considerably from lake to lake. Sandy beaches are prevalent on the east side of Lake Michigan, whereas the shores of Superior and Huron are primarily rocky, with overhanging cliffs and multiple layers of sandstone and shale.

Introduction to the Great Lakes Introduction to the Great Lakes
What and where are the Great Lakes? This basic tutorial brings the lakes alive through an array of facts, maps and photos.

How the Lakes were formed How the lakes were formed
Learn about the geological formation of the Great Lakes and how glaciers shaped the Great Lakes basin.

Great Lakes shoreline geology Great Lakes shoreline geology
From the wetlands along Lake Ontario's shore, to the sand dunes along Lake Michigan, to the rocky shore of Lake Superior, the Great Lakes shoreline abounds in diversity. Learn about the beaches, dunes and wetlands of the Great Lakes' shoreline as well as Isle Royale's shoreline.

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