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Great Lakes native flora

5 | Some resources for starting your own native plant garden

Starting your own native plant garden in your backyard or schoolyard can be a rewarding and fun experience -- not to mention an important benefit to the environment! Explore the links below for advice on how to begin!

Wild Ones Handbook Wild Ones Handbook
Provides native landscaping advice, ranging from laws, handling seeds, creating a water garden and wood projects.

Green landscaping with native plants
U.S. EPA, Great Lakes National Program Office
Find out how to get started in landscaping your school with native plants.

Native plant gardens
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
The DNR's advice: Practice patience and more patience. Every native landscape is a work in progress.

The World of Trees
Learn about the seasonal changes of a tree, different species of trees, and everything that makes up a tree, from the roots to the leaves.

Midwestern Wetland Flora
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Do you live near a wetland? Search a detailed database of over 300 plant species commonly found surrounding wetlands.

Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois
Illinois was once covered with tallgrass prairies. Find out what sorts of plants grow in a prairie, and view some great photographs.

Save the Prairie Society
Dedicated to preserving and restoring native landscapes for wildlife, education and quality of life. Focuses on Wolf Road Prairie Preserve in Illinois.

The PLANTS Database is a single source of standardized information about plants, including facts sheets, photographs, and links to more information.

National Tree Trust
The NTT supports many educational projects aimed at local tree planting and the importance of trees within a commumity.

Click for larger image. Good Nature Publishing
Dedicated to producing educational prints of flora and fauna from regions across the United States. The Eastern Deciduous Trees and Eastern Native Conifers prints relate to trees found in the Great Lakes region.

Graphics: Wild Ones Handbook; Eastern Deciduous Trees (Good Nature Publishing)

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