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Great Lakes Fish and Fishing

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Fishes of the Great Lakes Poster Great Lakes Fishes Poster
This 26.5" by 38.5" poster features 35 beautiful and highly accurate illustrations by artist Joseph R. Tomelleri. This 2014 version of the very popular poster, first published in 2000, has been refreshed with some new fish. To order this poster, go to http://aqua.wisc.edu/publications/.

Great Lakes Kids' Photo Gallery
Courtesy of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council. For more photos, visit: State/Provincial galleries

Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Established by the Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries between Canada and the United States in 1955, the GLFC coordinates research programs on the Great Lakes and recommends measures that will sustain the Great Lakes fishery.

Current Fishing Reports/Message Boards
Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Minnesota | New York | Ohio | Ontario | Pennsylvania | Wisconsin

Project F.I.S.H.
An educational program for Michigan youth and families sponsored locally by schools, fishing conservation organizations, and others interested in fishing and our fisheries.

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Poster graphics: Courtesy Wisconsin Sea Grant.

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