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What invasive species are found in the Great Lakes region? from James in Rochester, New York (age 14)

    Tiger shark
    Zebra mussel
    Round goby
    Sand dollar
    Spiny water flea
    Tube worm
    Purple loosestrife

Great Lakes Vault of Knowledge:

Great Lakes Facts and Figures: Lake depth, width, elevation and more!

Great Lakes map: Which states and provinces border each lake?

Why are the Great Lakes great?  Send TEACH your ideas and we'll publish them with other thoughts from around the world...

September 25, 2001 What canal is between Lake Erie and the Hudson River?
September 25, 2001 Who discovered the Great Lakes?
September 25, 2001 What is the sixth Great Lake?
August 6, 2001 Are there any islands in the Great Lakes that are not owned by either Canada or the United States?
August 3, 2001 What is the highest elevation of the water of Lake St. Clair ever recorded?
August 3, 2001 What year did Lake Ontario freeze completely solid for one day?
August 3, 2001 Do detergents contain a good food for algae?
August 3, 2001 What caused the eutrophication of Lake Erie?
July 20, 2001 Where are all of the locks located in the Great Lakes?
June 26, 2001 How can children help to clean up the Great Lakes?
June 26, 2001 How are all of the Great Lakes interdependent?
June 25, 2001 When do you expect the Great Lakes to be pollution-free?
June 25, 2001 Which of the Great Lakes are the most polluted?
June 25, 2001 Is it safe to drink water directly from the Great Lakes?
June 19, 2001 What minerals or rocks are found in the Great Lakes region?
June 19, 2001 What specific species of wildlife are being endangered by the pollution of the Great Lakes?
May 18, 2001 What is the largest kind of fish in the Great Lakes?
May 17, 2001 What are the meanings behind the names of the Great Lakes?
May 17, 2001 What are the effects of water pollution in the Great Lakes?
May 16, 2001 How were the Great Lakes formed?
May 2, 2001 What is the biggest boat that ever traveled on one of the Great Lakes?
May 1, 2001 What is the name of the largest freshwater island in the world, and where is it located?
April 23, 2001 Which of the Great Lakes was known to Native Americans as Gitchee Gumee?
April 6, 2001 Do the Great Lakes have whirlpools?
April 1, 2001 What is the volume of the Great Lakes, in both liters and gallons?
March 1, 2001 How many shipwrecks have occurred in the Great Lakes?
February 16, 2001 What is the population of the Great Lakes Ecosystem in Canada and the United States?
February 1, 2001 What percentage of the world's freshwater supply is contained in the Great Lakes?
February 1, 2001 What connects the Great Lakes together?
January 8, 2001 Do the Great Lakes freeze in the winter?
January 5, 2001 Does the Welland Ship Canal connect two of the lakes?
December 18, 2000 Did Lake Champlain become a Great Lake in March of 1998?
December 1, 2000 Which Great Lake is the only one completely within the United States? What states are touched by one or more of the Great Lakes?
November 21, 2000 Where can I find a complete history of the Great Lakes region?
November 15, 2000 Is there still a problem with chemicals getting into the walleye from eating the round goby, who eat zebra mussels?
November 15, 2000 What does the Snell Lock connect?
November 15, 2000 Why are the lake levels so low?
October 24, 2000 Which is the biggest Great Lake: Huron or Michigan?
October 20, 2000 Is it true that a shark was once found in the Great Lakes?
October 16, 2000 Is Lake Superior the largest lake in the world?
October 16, 2000 When was the first lighthouse built on Lake Superior? How many are there on Lake Superior today?
October 1, 2000 Do the Great Lakes have tides?
September 26, 2000 Where does all the water in the Great Lakes come from?
September 14, 2000 How deep are the Great Lakes?
September 1, 2000 Why aren't the Great Lakes saltwater instead of freshwater?
August 1, 2000 How is sand formed around Lake Michigan?
August 1, 2000 How many times do you clean the Great Lakes a year?
July 17, 2000 What is the foam-like stuff that washes up on our beach on the Saginaw Bay?
July 17, 2000 Do the Great Lakes create their own weather systems?
July 17, 2000 What is the difference in elevation between Lake Superior and Lake Ontario?
July 17, 2000 Can people take rides on Great Lakes freighters?
July 17, 2000 What happened to the boat "Edmund Fitzgerald?"

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