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Why are the Great Lakes great?
Tori, age 7, of Greenfield, Indiana

Let us know what you love about the Great Lakes, and we'll publish your answer! Read what others have to say...

Why do you think the Great lakes are great?

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Thoughts from around the world!

Because I like to go fishing.
Andy, age 87

I think the Great Lakes are great because they are big and beautiful!
Jessica, age 13

The Great Lakes are so great because they supply water to people all around the U.S. and Canada. They make up almost 1/5 of the world's supply of fresh surface water. They are very beautiful to look at and show the Earth's natural beauty.
Amber Kottke, age 13

Because they are very big in size and they are the biggest lakes in the United States of America.
Megan, age 25

I think the Great lakes are great because they are natural and beautiful bodies of water that seperate North America from any other continent. They have been here since the beginning of time as we know it, therefore they are a power greater than anything we know today, in our society. Thank you Great lakes!
Rachel Holen, age 13

They are the largest fresh water body!
Gina, age 12

They are all connected making shipping possible and it is all fresh water.
Paula, age 12

They are the largest amount of fresh water in the world! It's awesome that they are all connected.
Austin, age 12

I think the Great Lakes are great because they provide us with fresh water that we can drink, cook with, bathe with and other stuff. I love the Great Lakes because without them we probably wouldn't get the resourses that we have today.
Meva, age 13

I think Great Lakes are great because they were some of the first lakes and they are really big.
Bailey, age 13

I think the Great Lakes are great because of their size and beauty.
Jason, age 6

I think they are so great because they were formed by weathering and not made by a person.
James, age 15

I do think they are great because I enjoy taking pictures of them.
Tabatha, age 15

Lake Michigan means a lot to me because even though I did not live where I could see an ocean, I could go to Lake Michigan and see water as far as the eye could see. It was an awesome sight and we had fun there as children swimming, boating, and fishing. Many of my childhood memories involve the Lake. Thank you Lake Michigan.
Tammy, age 36

Hi! I'm from Germany and researching about the Great Lakes for a presentation. I chose them voluntary, because the facts and pictues are magnificant. In august I'll come over for a year and I can't wait!
Sophia, Germany, age 15

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