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Where are all of the locks located in the Great Lakes?
from Anita in New York, New York, Age 37

There are nineteen separate locks located in the Great Lakes and rivers that make up the St. Lawrence Seaway. They routinely raise a variety of ships up to more than 180 meters above sea level. These locks are located in the following canals:

  • The South Shore Canal contains two locks that lie 14 nautical miles from the Port of Montreal to the Port of St. Louis
  • The Beauharnois Canal contains two locks that link Lake St. Louis to Lake St. Francis
  • The Wiley-Dondero Canal contains two locks that provide access to Lake St. Lawrence
  • The Iroquois Canal contains one lock that connects the St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario
  • The Welland Canal contains eight locks connecting Lake Ontario to Lake Erie
  • The St. Mary's Falls Canal contains four locks linking Lake Huron to Lake Superior at Sault Ste. Marie.

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Thank you for your question!

Answered on July 20, 2001

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