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Can a person or persons get on a Great Lakes freighter at Montreal and travel all the way to Thunder Bay as a paying passenger?
from Marc of St. Bernard School in Brantford, Ontario, Age 8

We posted your question on the Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping site (under "Information Search"), and, unfortunately, it's quite difficult to obtain passage on a freighter in the Great Lakes region. Freighters can only hold a small number of paying passengers, due, in part, to the lack of required liability coverage and medical doctors for us "landlubbers." In the Great Lakes region, freighters will often raffle off tickets for freighter passage, but the demand is quite high and it's tough to win a passage. The Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping site will post these raffles on their News page, however, so keep checking it!

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Thank you for your question!

Answered on July 17, 2000

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