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How can children help to clean up the Great Lakes?
from Zara in Elmhurst, IL, Age 13

There are so many ways that children -- and everyone -- can help to make the Great Lakes fun and safe for human beings and wildlife. The primary way is through education, because ideas lead to motivation and action.

Learning about the effects of pollution on the environment in general and the Great Lakes in particular helps us all care more and act to safeguard our natural resources. Learning about science teaches us about how the Great Lakes function as a single, large ecosystem of connected waters. Learning about history shows us how useful the Great Lakes have been for us throughout time and gives us clues as to how we depend on them for our livelihood.

So how are you cleaning up the Great Lakes today? Tell us about it! We may publish your answer on-line for others to see!

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Thank you for your question!

Answered on June 26, 2001

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