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When do you expect the Great Lakes to be pollution-free?
from Sarah W. in Red Deer, Alberta, Age 15

Unfortunately, the water of the Great Lakes will probably never be completely free of pollution. There are even some forms of water pollution that are beyond our control, such as when winds from a violent storm stir up contaminated sediments from a lakebed. And because our society conducts shipping and uses many different chemicals and produces a lot of waste products, it's difficult to foresee when the Great Lakes might be totally free of contamination.

What we can do for the moment is to try to stop our current pollution of the Great Lakes and clean up the pollution that we've already made. This will ensure that the lakes stay great for us as well as future generations. Each day we can make personal decisions about how we use water and energy, as well as how we generate and dispose of waste. You can learn more about pollution and how to prevent it from the links below.

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Thank you for your question!

Answered on June 25, 2001

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