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Careers & Business

The abundant water and land of the Great Lakes region provides much opportunity for economic benefits. TEACH Careers & Business will highlight these benefits as well as the impact they have on the Great Lakes environment and people.

Great Lakes ports and shipping Great Lakes ports and shipping
The Great Lakes, often referred to as the "fourth seacoast," are home to the U.S.- and Canadian-Flag fleets, as well as dozens of international vessels from ports around the world. Learn more about these ships, what they carry, their ports of call, and the unique journey they make from the Atlantic Ocean to the upper Great Lakes.

Interview with a Great Lakes professional! Interview with Dr. Frank Quinn:
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

In the first of a series of interviews with Great Lakes professionals, Dr. Frank Quinn discusses his research at GLERL, why lake levels fluctuate and what students can do to prepare themselves for careers on the lakes!

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