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TEACH Calendar of Events
What's going on in your neighborhood this month? Meet other people and learn together at recreational and educational events! Our new dynamic calendar is updated daily with current educational events.

The TEACH site features mini-lessons on Great Lakes topics: environment, history & culture, geography, pollution and careers & business. Geared for elementary through high school students, the modules are continually expanded and updated and include links to a glossary to help explain scientific terms and acronyms.

StudySphere TEACH also features links to other educational resources as well as state and regional agencies and organizations. A Great Lakes calendar of events provides students with the information they need to learn about and participate in state and regional activities. In the TEACH Question and Answer (Q&A) section, kids can submit questions about the Great Lakes and enter a drawing to win a Great Lakes prize. One question is featured each month, and all are answered and archived in the Great Lakes Vault of Knowledge.


TEACH is envisioned to be a "virtual library" of curriculum and related educational materials, as well as an educators information exchange corner that will include a variety of listserves and bulletin boards, image and map galleries, a speakers bureau, and basic introductions to scientific tools including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), lake and watershed monitoring activities, hands-on science opportunities, and much more.

TEACH is a project of the Great Lakes Commission through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Great Lakes National Program Office.

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Do you have a topic that you would like to see covered in this section of TEACH? Please contact askteach@great-lakes.net.