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  Daily News: January 25, 2015
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What's New on GLIN
State-Fish Art Program
The 2015 State-Fish Art Program contest is underway for students in grades K-12! 2015 is the 17th year of this program, which combines art and writing with science to foster discovery of the natural world, and increase awareness and respect of aquatic resources.


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In the News
Panel invited to brainstorm algae issues
The Toledo Blade (1/23)
A nine-member panel of national experts will be convened to recommend strategies to adapt Toledo, Ohio's water system to western Lake Erie’s chronic algae problem.

Gov. Cuomo proposes $10 million investment in Port of Ogdensburg
Watertown Daily Times (1/23)
In New York, Gov. Cuomo’s proposed $141.6 billion budget for the 2015 fiscal year includes $10 million for the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority to make improvements to the port’s facilities and equipment.

The St. Clair and the Detroit: A tale of two rivers, Part III
The Voice (1/23)
The Detroit River is being “rewilded,” according to the director of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. After decades of intense pollution and habitat destruction, nature and natural processes are being allowed to reestablish themselves.

Palisades plant work environment improves, regulators say
The Associated Press (1/22)
In a report issued Wednesday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said its inspectors found improvements in the security department at the Palisades Nuclear Plant located along Lake Michigan.

Chautauqua panel approves county participation in Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance
The Buffalo News (1/22)
Chautauqua County will participate in the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance, a cooperative effort among municipalities along the Lake Erie shoreline to protect and improve the waters of Lake Erie and its watershed.

St. Lawrence Seaway success affects local communities
Inside Brockville (1/22)
A late start due to extended winter conditions, the lingering burden and multi-year aftermath of a five-year-old financial crisis, a shorter than normal shipping season, and a previous year’s boom grain crop all played a part in a huge turnaround 2014 season for the St. Lawrence Seaway.

North Channel ice breaking could disrupt Harsens Island ferry
The Times Herald (1/22)
The U.S. Coast Guard plans to begin icebreaking in the North Channel of the St. Clair River Sunday, possibly disrupting ferry traffic to and from Harsens Island.

Province says pipeline owners complied with requirements
The Sarnia Observer (1/22)
No environmental charges will be laid against a pipeline company that spilled approximately 35,000 litres of diesel fuel on Sept. 10, 2013 in Sarnia, Ontario.

Canadian, U.S. Coast Guard help vessels travel Great Lakes
CTV-TV - Windsor, ON (1/22)
The Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard are working hard to help commercial vessels travel the maritime lanes in the Great Lakes.

Moves afoot to ban microbeads from personal care products
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1/22)
Tiny plastic beads in personal care products are showing up in the Great Lakes and other water bodies amid growing worries about the danger they pose for humans, fish and other aquatic life.

The St. Clair and Detroit: A tale of two rivers, Part II
The Voice (1/17)
For decades, the Detroit River and its tributaries served as industrial dumping grounds as well as transportation arteries. In the 1960s and 1970s, citizen activists, began to demand environmental changes.

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