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  Daily News: October 30, 2014
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All about bats
It's almost Halloween, which means it's a great time to learn more about bats! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Midwest Region offers a fascinating online calendar filled with facts and myths about bats, information about bat habitats, and a look at the significance of bats in culture.


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Great Lakes fishery managers need insight on climate change impacts
Great Lakes Echo (10/30)
Great Lakes fishery managers worry that their operations may be harmed by invasive species, habitat loss and climate change in the long run, according to a new study.

NY wants public input on stopping aquatic invaders
The Associated Press (10/30)
New York environmental officials are accepting public comments on their plan to check the spread of aquatic invasive species.

TransCanada formally applies to NEB for Energy East pipeline approval
CBC News (10/30)
TransCanada has officially filed for government approval for the $12 billion Energy East pipeline project with the National Energy Board.

Crews begin clearing land in southwest Detroit for new bridge to Canada
MLive (10/29)
In Detroit, Mich., crews began clearing land to make way for a new bridge to Canada, according to the governor's office.

Lake Superior Binational Forum to host public meeting
The Daily Press (10/29)
The Lake Superior Binational Forum will host an open public meeting called on Friday, Nov. 14, in Red Cliff, Wisc.

Meeting explores new efforts to tackle Lake Michigan yellow perch decline
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/29)
I've attended at least five meetings in the last two decades on the Lake Michigan yellow perch collapse but twenty years of studies and meetings have produced no new program to help perch.

For 'The Surface,' Milwaukee and Lake Michigan perfect for film
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (10/29)
Milwaukee, Wisc., may not be Los Angeles, but it is a city of angels and that's what the makers of "The Surface" needed to film their story of two survivors, adrift on Lake Michigan, who become each other's guardian angels.

Critic questions artificial spawning reefs in river
The Times Herald (10/29)
A recent report from the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the Fighting Island reef project in the Detroit River, Mich., shows the reef is producing lake sturgeon eggs and larvae.

Work to begin in January at Sarnia water plant
The Sarnia Observer (10/29)
Once winter weather starts discouraging visitors to the St. Clair River walkway near the Lambton Area Water System (LAWSS), OPntario, a construction crew is expected to move in to begin work on a $600,000 shoreline protection project.

St. Lawrence Seaway faces possible strike
The Buffalo News (10/29)
Traffic on the St. Lawrence Seaway, which includes the Welland Canal, could halt on Friday afternoon, if a union follows through on a threat to strike.

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