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  Daily News: October 2, 2014
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GLIN October Site of the Month
The GLIN October Site of the Month is the newly redesigned Council of Great Lakes Governors website. The Council of Great Lakes Governors is a non-partisan partnership of governors from the eight Great Lakes States. For more than 30 years, the Council’s mission has been to encourage and facilitate environmentally responsible economic growth. Check out their new site today!


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In the News
New federal rule allows freighters to dump cargo remnants into Great Lakes
Buffalo News (10/1)
A federal rule that went into effect earlier this year allows what has been a long-time practice in Great Lakes commerce: shipping vessels, under certain conditions, washing down residues in their cargo holds left behind after their deliveries.

Great Lakes steel production inches up by 1,000 tons
nwi.com (10/1)
Raw steel production in the country's Great Lakes region increased slightly to 688,000 tons, while the overall domestic industry fell sharply last week.

15 years later, Great Lakes levels rebound
Michigan Radio (10/1)
The quick recovery has stifled an effort to engineer a solution to the problem of low lake levels in Huron and Michigan. But proponents say it would be shortsighted to forget about the issue.

COMMENTARY: This bloom’s not sweet at all
Hamilton Spectator (10/1)
Algae blooms are millions of years older than you, but researchers think they're happening more often — and sticking around longer — thanks to two factors. One is warmer water; the other, an uptick in phosphorus levels, the algal blooms' favorite feast.

Rep. Matt Lundy proposes plan to promote Lake Erie shoreline
Lorain Morning Journal (10/1)
Apart from creating a land use plan, Lundy said Lakefront Lorain County would work to grow economic activity through restaurants, recreational, and retail opportunities near the shoreline.

St. Clair River sewage spills a continuing problem
Sarnia Observer (9/29)
The City of Sarnia has spent millions of dollars to prevent raw sewage from spilling into the St. Clair River, but it still remains a problem for some downriver communities, especially after a heavy rain.

Ohio officials earmark money to reduce Lake Erie algae threat
WOSU Columbus (9/28)
“It’s a tough nut to crack…” says Bruce McPheron, dean of OSU’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences. “because people want to turn on their tap and get clean water. But, they also expect three meals a day and somehow we’ve got to balance these things.”

Researcher warns of looming ‘catastrophe’ for St. Lawrence belugas
Canadian Press (9/28)
A researcher monitoring belugas in the St. Lawrence estuary is warning of a looming “catastrophe” after another difficult calving season for the endangered whale.

Rare treatment for record 53 hours saves diver
Minneapolis Star Tribune (9/27)
This decompression sickness was so severe that saving Terry Begnoche required a helicopter rescue to Marquette, Mich., and then a low-altitude flight to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis — where doctors tried a rare treatment protocol that they looked up in the U.S. Navy Diving Manual.

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