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  Daily News: April 25, 2017
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Webinar: Manual control of non-native Phragmites
A free webinar on May 4, presented by the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative, will show you how to remove and control non-native Phragmites using simple garden tools. The technique is easy for anyone to learn, and no special prior qualifications are required.


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In the News
Wurtsmith toxic chemical plumes expand south of Au Sable River
MLive (4/24)
In Michigan, the latest testing indicates pollution from Wurtsmith Air Force Base has moved south of the Au Sable River and east of Van Etten Creek -- two waterways previously thought of as natural buffers.

As Great Lakes drownings spike, rescuers turn to technology
Detroit Free Press (4/24)
In response to an increase in drownings, students at Michigan Technological University have designed a drone that will provide flotation until rescue personnel can make it to the victim.

Businesses using trillions of gallons of Michigan ground water
WZZM-TV- Grand Rapids, MI (4/23)
Utilities, industries and farmers use trillions of gallons of Michigan ground and surface water each year, essentially for free, according to a review of data from the state Department of Environmental Quality shows.

Lake trout harvest regulations liberalized
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (4/23)
Liberalized regulations designed to increase the harvest of lake trout are now in effect on the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan.

Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet, a reluctant activist, has become a champion for a cleaner Lake Erie
The Plain Dealer (4/22)
In his nearly three decades in the travel and tourism business, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet has tried to steer clear of politics. Two years ago, however, after a midsummer toxic algal bloom spread across western Lake Erie, Ouimet decided he had a role to play in advocating for a cleaner, healthier lake.

Eighth graders cross Straits of Mackinac on paddle boards for a good cause
Up North Live (4/22)
Two Michigan eighth graders have crossed the Straits of Mackinac on stand up paddle boards in an effort to help the Great Lakes.

What's Causing Lake Ontario's High Water Levels?
WSKG- Binghamton, New York (4/22)
According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, water levels in Lake Ontario are up 15 inches in the last month, and are expected to rise another six inches in the next month.

Fish die-off in Lake St. Clair not surprising
Detroit Free Press (4/22)
Gizzard shad, often the first fish to show signs of disease or distress, recently made headlines for large die-offs in Lake St. Clair due to viral hemorrhagic septicemia.

Pilot project will reduce phosphorus in Lake Erie
Delhi News Record (4/21)
In Ontario, Norfolk County has agreed to a pilot project that will reduce the amount of phosphorus entering Lake Erie as runoff from the countryside.

Waukesha water diversion plan clears major hurdle
Michigan Radio (4/21)
Representatives from the eight Great Lakes states have reaffirmed approval of Waukesha, Wisconsin's request to switch its own contaminated water supply to Lake Michigan.

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