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GLIN==> Revised Schedule for St. Clair River Report



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Study Board Announces Revised Schedule for Release of St. Clair River Report


The International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS) has announced that the draft St. Clair River report will be released in early May, 2009, and the final report transmitted to the International Joint Commission (IJC) in October, 2009.  In particular, the change accommodates the time needed for integration of all technical work group findings, the Independent Peer Review process and extended public comment.


The new schedule allows for an extended 60-day comment period on the draft report – as urged by the IUGLS Public Interest Advisory Group.  The additional time is also needed for integration of the findings from more than forty Study projects and more thorough data evaluation, verification and quality control and the Independent Peer Review Group to review each of the key chaptersThe new schedule will also allow for collection of additional field data to corroborate hydraulic and sediment modelling results, if required.


IUGLS is a five-year investigation launched by the IJC in March of 2007 to examine whether regulation of outflows from Lake Superior might be improved to take into consideration changing climate and evolving interests of property owners, ecosystems, municipal and industrial water users, hydropower, the shipping sector, and the recreation/tourism industry.  The first component of the Study addresses the question of whether possible physical changes in the St. Clair River are affecting the relative levels of Lake Erie and Lake Huron and also examines the impact of other factors on levels such as changes in water supplies due to climate change, among others. The report on the St. Clair River is to be released in 2009 while the final report on the second component – Lake Superior regulation – is expected in early 2012.


Even with the change, the St. Clair River portion of IUGLS still remains well ahead of the original schedule in the Plan of Study, which called for publishing the draft report in 2010.  The IJC fully supported the revision of the schedule.