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GLIN==> Ohio Lake Erie Commission Awards Lake Erie Protection Fund Grants

News Release


December 19, 2008


Ohio Lake Erie Commission awards NEARLY $30,000 in grants to



TOLEDO, OH – The Ohio Lake Erie Commission has awarded a total of $29,819 for two projects that address climate change and sustainable development priorities in Ohio’s Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan 2008 and benefit Lake Erie and its watershed.

Green Energy Ohio will receive $14,820 for a project entitled, “Great Lakes Tall Tower Wind Monitoring Project.”  Under the direction of Kemp Jaycox, a 12-month wind monitoring study will be conducted using a communications tower in Lorain, OH. The proposed monitoring will occur at heights of 60, 80 and 100 meters for wind speed, direction and temperature. The final report will include gross and net energy production estimates based on two common commercial wind generators.

University of Toledo, Department of Engineering will receive $14,999 for a project entitled, “Alternatives to using potable water to flush toilets and impacts on Lake Erie.” Project director, Dr. Defne Apul, will evaluate and compare three different alternatives to current wastewater infrastructure which include using roof water, using composting toilets, using sink water, as well as maintaining current system designs. The designs will be reviewed in relation to a University campus building and at other sites in the Toledo metropolitan area to determine their potential benefits, including water conservation, storm water runoff reduction, and infrastructure cost savings.

The commission oversees the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund, which is the source of grant funding for these funded projects. It is supported by Ohioans each time they purchase a Lake Erie license plate displaying the Marblehead Lighthouse or Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, designed by Ohio artist Ben Richmond.

The commission was created to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, enhance its water quality and promote economic development in the region. The director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources serves as the commission's chairman. Additional members include the directors of the departments of transportation, development, health, agriculture and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. For more information about the commission and its programs, visit http://lakeerie.ohio.gov        


For Further Information Contact:

Edwin J. Hammett, Executive Director
Ohio Lake Erie Commission

(419) 245-2514




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