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GLIN==> 2008 MiCorps Conference Proceedings Now Online

Title: MiCorps Announcements
Contact: Laura Kaminski, 734-971-9135, laurak@glc.org
A bulletin of the Michigan Clean Water Corps November 26, 2008  

The 2008 MiCorps Conference Proceedings are now online!

Please visit the Fourth Annual MiCorps Conference Proceedings webpage to access the conference program and presentations.

The fourth annual Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) conference was held October 20-21, 2008, at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Higgins Lake, Michigan. The conference featured presentations from volunteers from across the state of Michigan. We celebrated the amazing work that is being done by the MiCorps volunteers to protect Michigan's lakes and streams. In addition, the conference included presentations and training from regional experts, MiCorps staff and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Linda Green, University of Rhode Island (URI) Cooperative Extension, was the keynote speaker. Linda is a nationally recognized leader and educator who has worked in the area of volunteer monitoring for over 20 years. Her presentation was very well received and was an inspiritation to many attendees.

The Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) was created through an executive order by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm to assist the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in collecting and sharing water quality data for use in water resources management and protection programs.