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GLIN==> Great Lakes Commission News Briefs: Nov. 20, 2008

Title: Great Lakes Commission News Briefs


Great Lakes Commission News Briefs

A monthly summary of issues, activities and events
at the Great Lakes Commission

Nov. 20, 2008

Obama found strong, consistent support in Great Lakes states
Voters in the eight Great Lakes states sent a resounding wave of support - and all 141 of their electoral votes - to President-elect Barack Obama in the Nov. 4 U.S. general election. More

Support sought for Great Lakes infrastructure priorities in economic
stimulus package

The Great Lakes Commission is urging Congress to include funding for critical Great Lakes infrastructure needs in the economic stimulus package currently being developed. More

Three upcoming events will focus on control of invasive species in the
Great Lakes

Three related meetings to be held in December in the Ann Arbor and Detroit area will involve efforts to control the introduction and spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes. More

International submerged lands conference draws 80 to Traverse City
Siting of offshore wind energy turbines, regulatory issues surrounding changeable high water marks, and protection of shipwrecks and maritime heritage in coastal communities were among the topics highlighted at the 27th annual International Submerged Lands Conference held Oct. 26-29 at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Mich. More

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