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GLIN==> News from the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle

The latest issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle is now online:




The online Chronicle delivers the latest news from the Aquatic Sciences Center, the administrative home of the Sea Grant and Water Resources institutes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.








Tiny waterfleas may have big consequences



Two invasive water fleas that have invaded Lake Michigan may change the dynamics of the food web in unpredictable ways.




Making sense of a tangled web within Lake Superior


The increasing size of sea lamprey in Lake Superior means sure death to the trout, suckers and whitefish that are preyed upon.




Featured Web Site:


Wisconsin’s Water Library




Education News:


Students learn field skills to measure climate change; Jeremy Bates awarded Weston fellowship




Program & People News:


Thanks to Phil Moy and Chris Babiarz for filling in while Jim Hurley was in D.C.; Carolyn Betz receives award; Anne Moser serves as library advisor; Goodbye to Peter Boger but hello to Jennifer Champoux




ASC Droplets:


Great Lakes Compact signed into law; Online discussion group on climate change forms; The cost of invasive species to the Great Lakes









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