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GLIN==> R/V Lake Guardian - Vessel of opportunity, Lake Erie, 2009

This is the second posting, this time with a better subject line.

   U.S. EPA Announces Vessel of Opportunity Schedule for Lake Erie,

   The U.S. EPA, Great Lakes National Program Office, in support of the
   2009 Lake Erie Coordinated Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI)
   will make the Research Vessel Lake Guardian available as a ship of
   opportunity on the following survey schedule:
   May 18 – 24 (tentative)
   June 12 – 19
   July 17 – 23
   September 9 – 16

   During these times, the Lake Guardian will be available for research
   and monitoring that address nutrients, invasive species, harmful
   algal blooms, and nearshore:offshore fluxes and interactions.
   Projects that coordinate small boat, nearshore investigations with
   offshore use of the Lake Guardian will receive highest priority.  To
   be considered for inclusion in the surveys, complete and submit a
   survey plan by January 31, 2009.  The survey plan is available at:
   Submit completed survey plans to:

   Glenn Warren, warren.glenn@epa.gov, (312-886-2405)
   U.S. EPA, Great Lakes National Program Office
   77 W. Jackson Blvd.
   Chicago, IL 60604

   For further information, contact Glenn Warren via email or phone.

   We anticipate issuing a Request for Applications addressing several
   project areas supporting the CSMI for Lake Erie in November.  GLNPO
   will post that announcement to
   http://epa.gov/greatlakes/fund/current.html  To be added to the GLNPO
   listserv which announces our Requests for Proposals, we request that
   you go to:  http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/maillist/index.html )ڞz.Ǣ,[^z'~jب׭Š
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