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GLIN==> GL Town Hall: Lake Erie Region Conservancy's Tom Fuhrman, + In the Wake of the Compact essay

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This Week in Your Great Lakes Town Hall!



Guest Writers: Tom Fuhrman of the Lake Erie Region Conservancy


Featured Issue: In the Wake of the Compact by Gary Wilson





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Dear Great Lakes Neighbor,


Each week we invite grassroots activists, artists, officials, physicians, parents, young people and others to offer insightful commentary on their Great Lakes experiences and views. Of course, we also invite you to comment on their thoughts!


This week, the Town Hall is pleased to welcome Tom Fuhrman, president of the Lake Erie Region Conservancy based in Erie, PA.  The LERC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the identification, conservation, and protection of the Lake Erie region's unique natural, cultural, and historical resources.  Come visit the Great Lakes Town Hall to read and respond to Tom Fuhrman's stories and perspectives about the Great Lakes every day this week - only in the Great Lakes Town Hall!



tomfuhrman86.jpgGuest Writer this week-- Tom Fuhrman

Tom Fuhrman is the founder and president of the Lake Erie Region Conservancy in Erie, Pennsylvania. Tom was born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie and has resided there for the past 20 years. He is also the former mayor of Lake City, Pennsylvania. As a sales and marketing professional for over 30 years, Tom has most recently dedicated himself to environmental work, specifically protecting the Great Lakes and serves on several boards such as Great Lakes United, Earth Force, and the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Association.

Tom's newest challenge is the creation of the Great Lakes Aid Foundation, which will raise money and awareness for the Restoration and Protection of the Great Lakes Ecosystem by connecting with music and the arts.


Read and Respond to Tom Fuhrman's essays in the Town Hall! 



Featured Issue this week - In the Wake of the Compact

In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new featured Great Lakes issue each week, provided by co-moderators Dave Dempsey, Gary Wilson, and Brenna Wanous. This week, Gary lends a critical eye to the recently-passed Great Lakes Compact, questions the haste of its passage and the degree of the success in protecting the Lakes.  He writes,

"If the goal of the Compact was to ban the diversion of water to places outside the Great Lakes basin, it was over-sold, it under-delivered, and left the Lakes exposed to privatization and export.

...Supporters of the Compact often said in defending their willingness to accommodate special interests, such as the bottled water industry, that we “shouldn’t sacrifice the good for the perfect.”

What we ended up doing was sacrificing the good and accepting the minimum."


Read Gary's Featured Issue, and put in your two cents! 



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Don't miss this great opportunity to read and comment on our featured issue - In the Wake of the Compact - and the stories and perspectives of Tom Fuhrman in the Great Lakes Town Hall all this week!

Guest speakers contribute content on a Great Lakes topic of their choice for five days. While there are basic rules of conduct, guest speakers are unedited and diverse views are welcome. If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker, please reply to this email. We encourage individuals of all ages, occupations, and opinions to participate in the conversation.

Your Great Lakes Neighbor,

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Brenna Wanous
Great Lakes Town Hall Manager

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