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GLIN==> NOAA Funding Opportunities for Fish Habitat

Two river restoration funding opportunities from NOAA for Great Lakes Projects:

*NOAA's Open Rivers Initiative* is accepting applications barrier removal projects that help restore riverine ecosystems, enhance public safety and community resilience, and have clear and identifiable benefits to diadromous fish populations.  The deadline for applications is *October 31, 2008.  Projects located in the Great Lakes region are eligible to apply and receive funds under the Open Rivers Initiative funding opportunity.   To compete well under the technical review, proposed projects should address a barrier that blocks migratory fish from reaching vital upstream habitat.  Also note that strong projects should foster some type of socio-economic benefit (e.g. increased safety, elimination of operations and maintenance costs, etc.). *Information and applications can be downloaded from www.grants.gov using the following Funding Opportunity Number:
Funding of up to $7,000,000 is expected to be available for ORI Project Grants in FY 2009 for *projects in coastal watersheds*. Typical awards range from $50,000 to $250,000, and applications requesting between $30,000 and $1M will be accepted.

The *NOAA-FishAmerica Foundation partnership* is accepting applications for for marine and anadromous sport fish habitat restoration projects around the coastal United States and the Great Lakes basin. These grants will be awarded to community-based, on-the-ground projects to restore marine, estuarine and riparian habitats, including salt marshes, mangrove forests and freshwater habitats important to anadromous fish species.  The Request for Proposal and Application can be downloaded from the FishAmerican website (www.fishamerica.org <http://www.fishamerica.org/grants/index.html>); proposals are due *October 6th.*

Federal agencies are not eligible for these NOAA funds, but are encouraged to partner with non-federal organizations to submit project proposals. Please contact Robin Bruckner for more information.

Robin Bruckner
NOAA Fisheries, Office of Habitat Conservation
Community-based Restoration Program (CRP)
1315 East West Highway  F/HC3 Room 14700
Silver Spring, MD  20910

Phone:  301-713-0174
cell:   301-395-3871
FAX:    301-713-0184


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