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GLIN==> Lake Ontario outflows

Submitted by John Kangas <john.w.kangas@usace.army.mil>

August 15, 2008

Control Board to continue following regulation plan

The International St. Lawrence River Board of Control (Board) recently reviewed conditions in the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system and has decided to continue releasing outflows in accordance with the regulation plan. Since early June, outflows have been those specified by the regulation plan. Lake Ontario levels peaked for the year when the lake reached 75.34 m (247.18 ft) on May 3 - 10. Levels in Montreal Harbour have remained well above chart datum since early January.

The supply of water received by Lake Ontario over the past two months was above average, primarily due to well-above average precipitation. Downstream, the flow of the Ottawa River and several tributaries have been at or near record high flows. The Lake Ontario level in July declined by about 2 cm (1 in), compared to an average decline of 9 cm (3½ in). The levels have declined by 23 cm (9 in) from their peak and are now about 21 cm (8 in) above average for this time of year. In response to the above average levels and water supplies, the regulation plan is specifying outflows well above average. In recognition that Lake Ontario levels are well within the regulation limits and declining, and that the regulation plan is responding accordingly, outflows will continue to be those specified by Regulation Plan 1958-D. The Board also made provision for the outflows to be other than plan-specified should a critical situation arise.

The Board, in conjunction with its staff, is monitoring the situation carefully and is prepared to take further action if required. The Board will meet in about a month to assess the situation, or earlier if there is a significant change in conditions.

Flavio D'Agnolo: (613) 990-6016; DAgnoloF@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
John Kangas: (312) 353-4333; John.W.Kangas@usace.army.mil

The International St. Lawrence River Board of Control was established by the International Joint Commission in its 1952 order of approval. The Board's main duty is to ensure that outflows from Lake Ontario meet the requirements of the IJC order; it also develops regulation plans and conducts special studies requested by the IJC. For more information, visit www.islrbc.org/ or www.ijc.org (> Boards > International St. Lawrence River Board of Control). To receive a weekly e-mail about water levels and flows in the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system, please send a blank e-mail message to stlaw-L-subscribe@cciw.ca, with the word 'subscribe' in the title and body of your message.

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