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GLIN==> Post Doctoral Opportunity: Beach Quality Forecasting Coordinator

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The NOAA Center of Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health (CEGLHH) is currently seeking a Beach Quality Forecasting Coordinator to coordinate on-going efforts of CEGLHH and other agencies with the purpose of developing and implementing a generalized approach to beach quality nowcasting and forecasting. CEGLHH, a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research center based at the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is developing tools to predict water quality in the Great Lakes. Focus areas for the Center include ecological forecasting, nearshore transport, drinking water, beach closings, and harmful algal blooms. Specific responsibilities for the Coordinator include:

1. Inventory and document ongoing activities related to beach quality forecasting such as

- USGS Project SAFE
- USGS Ohio beach nowcasting
- Lake County Illinois Swimcast
- Great Lakes Information Network Beachcast
- NOAA/GLERL research on process-based beach quality modeling
- EPA AMI bacterial exposure project
- Statistical Framework for Recreational Water Quality Criteria and Monitoring Book,
edited by Larry Wymer
- "Beach Models: Predicting Water Quality" DVD developed by Illinois Department of Public Health

2. Develop a generalized process for beach quality nowcasting, forecasting, and product delivery. The process should include a protocol for identifying appropriate parameters to use as independent variables, gathering water quality records, obtaining the required independent variables, developing a statistical model relating water quality to the independent variables, implementing a system for routine operation of the model in nowcast and forecast mode as well as dissemination to users, and evaluation of the accuracy of the system. The coordinator might not be the person carrying out all these activities, but would be responsible for coordinating the required activities, documenting the protocol, and ensuring that the protocol could be applied and sustained at any new beaches.

3. Work with EPA, USGS, NOAA, Sea Grant, appropriate state and local agencies, and the Great Lakes Beach Association to make sure that the end result is a product that will be useful for both nowcasting and forecasting of conditions at Great Lakes beaches. The product should also be transferable to other beaches and operationally sustainable.

In addition, the Coordinator will be expected to possess existing knowledge on methods for predicting recreational water quality at beaches and the processes needed to develop data sets capable of providing useful explanatory variables for model development. This position is funded for two years and includes benefits and a competitive salary. The Coordinator will be based at the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


1. PhD in water quality field with emphasis on statistical or computer modeling.
2. Experience in developing and implementing predictive models for beach water quality.
3. Demonstrated effective leadership ability, effective human relations and communications skills, both written and oral.
4. Experience in establishing collaborations. Proven track record of working with Great Lakes or coastal-based groups to establish program/project direction. 5. Computer skills, including the use of word processing, presentation software, development of multimedia programs and web design.

Send letter of intent, CV, and three references (with telephone numbers and addresses) to:
Sonia Joseph
CEGLHH Outreach Coordinator
NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
2205 Commonwealth Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 734-741-2283
Email: Sonia.Joseph@noaa.gov

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