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GLIN==> The Superior Watershed Partnership is helping people confront climate change in the U.P.

Submitted by Natasha Koss <natasha@superiorwatersheds.org>

Global Climate Change - Superior Watershed Partnership Reduces Upper Peninsula Carbon by 3 Million Pounds, Receives $150,000 state grant and sponsors visit by arctic explorer, Will Steger

Contact Carl Lindquist (carl@superiorwatersheds.org) or Natasha Koss (natasha@superiorwatersheds.org) at (906)228-6095.

Marquette - The Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) is pleased to present three exciting new happenings as we continue to help people Confront Climate Change in the Upper Peninsula.

The SWP is proud to announce the results of the April 2008 Energy Conservation Project. During the month of April, participating Earth Keepers congregations and the general public were asked to complete an energy conservation checklist highlighting simple ways to reduce energy usage. Over 250 households participated and documented a carbon reduction of over 3 million pounds. This comes at a timely point amidst heated state and national discussions regarding global climate change and the effects of a warming planet.

To continue this important work the SWP has received a $150,000 grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission to distribute compact fluorescent light bulbs to UP households. The SWP in cooperation with various partners and networks will distribute approximately 35,000 CFLs to households in all 15 UP counties. Compared to general incandescent light bulbs giving the same amount of visible light, CFLs use a fraction of the electricity and have a longer rated life. Through this project the SWP will continue to raise awareness about energy conservation, climate change, and further reduce the UP carbon footprint by an additional 4 million pounds.

Finally, the SWP in partnership with Earth Keepers will wrap up the 2008 Confronting Climate Change in the UP with a visit from world renowned polar explorer, Will Steger. Steger, now considered one of the most important leaders in the climate change movement, will be the featured speaker at an event hosted by the SWP, in cooperation with Earth Keepers, on October 19, 2008.

Will Steger has traveled tens of thousands of miles by kayak and dog- sled over 40 years, leading teams on some of the most significant polar expeditions in history while at the same time being an eyewitness to the on-going
catastrophic consequences of global warming. Recently, Steger formed the Will Steger Foundation, with a personal and professional commitment to foster leadership and cooperation in environmental education and policy. Thus the Foundation's first initiative, Global Warming 101, engages and empowers individuals and policy-makers to translate their concern into action on this critical issue.

The SWP has partnered with the Will Steger Foundation for the past several years to highlight some of the important work being done to combat climate change. This exciting event will take place at a location TBA. For more information please visit www.superiorwatersheds.org.

The Superior Watershed Partnership is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit working to protect and improve the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a watershed basis; by promoting responsible individual and community actions that ensure a sustainable environment, encourage a sustainable economy and help improve quality of life.


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