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Lights a Danger to Migrating Birds

A program spearheaded by Audubon is encouraging tall buildings to turn off their lights at night during spring and fall bird migrations.

St. Lawrence River One of Most Endangered in the U.S.

American Rivers has released its annual list of the Most Endangered Rivers in the United States, and the section of the St. Lawrence River shared between Canada and the U.S. placed fourth worst.

EPA Head Fired Over Cleanup

In May, the head of the Great Lakes region for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency learned an important lesson. Trying to clean up toxic pollution can be hazardous to your job.

Henry Lickers' Efforts Honoured

Former Great Lakes United board member, Henry Lickers, has been awarded the 2008 Sandford Fleming Medal given annually by the Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science.

Tire-to-Energy Plant Proposed for Erie

The proposed plant, only a few hundred yards from Lake Erie, would burn an estimated 80,000 tires per day.


We're proud to release an expanded web portal for Great Lakes News. Building on our quarterly printed edition, we've introduced a host of features, including better community tools, online calendar, action alerts and more. This is in addition to our commitment to bring you news from around the region and the Great Lakes United coalition. Visit www.glu.org/news and let us know what you think!


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