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GLIN==> Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Launches “Clean Boats Every Day” Initiative

Great Lakes Regional Collaboration

   For  Immediate  Release         Contacts:   James  Schardt       Lisa
   May      22,      2008                       Office:     312-353-5085
   Office:  312-407-0177

                          “CLEAN BOATS EVERY DAY”

   Chicago, Illinois -- Through a new “Clean Boats Every Day”
   Initiative, the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration has declared the
   2008 boating season a summer-long celebration of sustainable
   recreational boating throughout the Great Lakes.  Through the
   Initiative, Great Lakes Governors, Mayors, Members of Congress,
   Tribes, Federal Agencies and other partners have joined forces to
   promote sustainable boating practices that will protect the Great
   Lakes from aquatic invasive species (AIS).

   The basin-wide “Clean Boats Every Day” Initiative will be
   highlighting the work of several national, state, and local outreach
   campaigns. Events throughout the summer will  help participants learn
   how to inspect, clean, and drain their boats in order to prevent the
   spread of AIS.

   Recreational boating is a hugely popular activity in the Great Lakes
   and a significant component of the region’s economy. Nearly 4.3
   million boats are registered in the eight Great Lakes states. These
   boaters spend nearly $16 billion on boats and boating activities in a
   single year.  Recreational boating is also responsible for 250,000
   jobs in the Great Lakes region.  Recreational boaters can easily
   reduce the impact of their activities and help protect the Great

   More information on the “Clean Boats Every Day” Initiative, including
   a comprehensive list of events, is available at http://www.glrc.us.

   The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (GLRC) is a wide-ranging,
   cooperative effort to restore and protect the Great Lakes.

   A print-quality Adobe Acrobat version of this document is available


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