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GLIN==> EPA Clean Energy webcast training and other opportunities for Local Governments

Local Clean Energy Webcast Series

Upcoming Webcast
Green Power Procurement
May 28, 2008
2:00 - 3:30pm (Eastern Time)

This webcast will include an overview of EPA’s Green Power Partnership
and Green Power Communities Program. Speakers from two local governments
will also provide their experiences with purchasing green power for
their buildings and promoting green power in their communities.

This is the third in a series of free webcast trainings targeted to
local governments.

For more information, please visit:


Other Opportunities:

ENERGY STAR and ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Starting time:  2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

Learn about ENERGY STAR tools and resources that can help you improve
the energy performance of your buildings and promote energy efficiency
to the broader community, within the framework of ICLEI's
Five-Step/Milestone Approach for Climate Protection. Attendees will
receive training on EPA’s online benchmarking tool, Portfolio Manager,
and learn how benchmarking can be included in creating a greenhouse gas
emission inventory with ICLEI's Clean Air and Climate Protection (CACP)
software.  Portfolio Manager allows users to establish baseline energy
performance in buildings, measure and track energy use and associated
carbon emissions over time, and prioritize building upgrade investments.
In addition to tracking energy use, Portfolio Manager includes features
to allow users to track and manage water consumption.

To register, visit https://energystar.webex.com and click on the link
for the May 29, 2008 training.

*NACo Green Government Webinars

The National Association of Counties (through the support of the Green
Government Initiative sponsors) will host a series of FREE green
government webinars. The intended audience is any elected county
official or county staff; however anyone interested in learning more
about the county role in green government practices is encouraged to
register.  Participants will learn valuable background information on
each subject, discover new resources, and hear case studies from various

To see the list of topics and register, visit:


State and local officials interested in additional information about
developing and implementing cost-effective clean energy and
strategies that help further environmental and clean energy goals and
achieve public health and economic benefits may visit:
 http://epa.gov/cleanenergy/energy-programs/state-and-local/index.html%vq謆-y-ߢ*'5p,a0Vz޵:,&ކi0	bw+)ڞz.ǟiS,Ơzm%y޷k?Xjyw-٥Nj!bm )zl	b{%Ƨvb*'ޱy֛(r,z殶+םqu'q,jʷ-,z,h+lځ鞞