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Great Lakes United: AGM 2008

Sawmill Creek Resort | Huron, Ohio


Last Chance to Register! Space is Running Out!


This is your last chance to register for Great Lakes United's Annual General Meeting! We're holding it alongside River Rally 2008 in Huron, Ohio.

Join your fellow members on Friday, May 2 and shape the future of the coalition. And be sure to stick around for River Rally, which will feature many sessions with a Great Lakes focus.

There are only a few spaces left for the AGM, so don't miss out! To register visit: http://www.glu.org/english/agm2008/register.htm. The deadline is April 28!

Here are workshops at River featuring Great Lakes United presentations:

Halting Invasive Species Upstream and Down
Halting invasive species will take more than public pressure and education. GLU efforts to engage municipal, state / provincial and federal governments will be contextualized in our parallel track efforts to work with industries from freight carriers to garden centres and landscape architects.
Presenter: Jen Nalbone and Helene Godmaire

Cleaning Up Toxic Hotspots: Lessons Learnt
In this workshop we will learn from the experiences of the citizens who
have worked over the past twenty years for the cleanup of the toxic
hotspots in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin. The focuses
will be on sewage treatment, combined sewer overflows, and contaminated
sediments problems. The role of public advisory committees will also be
Presenter: John Jackson and Helene Godmaire

Great Lakes Compact - Sustainable Water Management in the Water Belt of America
To discuss the current state of efforts to pass the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Sustainable Water Management Compact. The binding interstate compact is designed to provide an enforceable roadmap for how to protect the most significant fresh water resource in the Western Hemisphere through a sustainable management strategy. As Water Division Administrator for the State of Wisconsin, Todd Ambs served as one of the lead drafters of the Compact. which has been signed by all eight Great Lakes Governors and the two Canadian Premiers of Ontario and Quebec. Now the Compact must be approved by all eight state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.
Presenter: Todd Ambs, River Network Board with John Jackson as one of the panelists

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