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GLIN==> IJC releases Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River proposal for public comment

The International Joint Commission of Canada and the United States has released for public comment a proposed new Order of Approval and a proposed new plan, called Plan 2007, for regulating the flows through the Moses-Saunders Dam between Cornwall, Ontario and Massena, New York. Regulation affects water levels and flows in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River downstream to Trois-Rivières. 


Compared to the current plan (Plan 58-D with deviations), Plan 2007 provides better results for key environmental performance indicators, while maintaining or improving protections for all other interests. The other interests include shoreline property, recreational boating, commercial navigation, hydroelectric power generation and water supply.


The proposed new Order of Approval also provides the flexibility to shift from Plan 2007 to a plan with additional environmental improvements, whenever adequate mitigation measures could be implemented. Measures that have been implemented elsewhere include enhanced shoreline protection or dredging of harbours. The proposed new Order, for the first time, will regulate flows to benefit the environment and recreational boating along with the other interests named above.


The Commission must consider the requirements of the Treaty for protection and indemnification of interests that may be injured by the project. It also must consider the goals of the two federal governments when the project was developed which included providing benefits to Lake Ontario shoreline owners and protecting interests downstream. Before making a decision, the Commission will take public comment into account and make any necessary adjustments to the proposal. It will also seek the concurrence of the Canadian and U.S. federal governments.


Background information and details about the information sessions and public hearings can be found at: www.ijc.org/LOSLdocuments <http://www.ijc.org/LOSLdocuments> .