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GLIN==> Your input will improve Great Lakes United

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Build a Coalition You Can be Proud Of

Whether you're a member of Great Lakes United or not, your input builds a stronger coalition
Take our online
survey today

You can help Great Lakes United improve its work by taking a quick survey. It will take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete, and your answers will be invaluable as we move forward on our mission to protect and restore the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.

How effective are our campaigns?

Is your organization receiving the services it needs to succeed?

Are our outreach tools telling you what you need to know?

What do you feel we should be doing to grow the coalition?

For those who aren't members, what can we do to entice you to join?

As a coalition, our focus is on meeting your needs as members and focusing on the issues you collectively identify as important. We want to know where you think we are succeeding and where we could improve.

Visit http://www.glu.org/survey and tell us how you think we're doing.

For more information contact Brent Gibson at bgibson@glu.org, or at 613-867-9861.

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