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GLIN==> GL Town Hall: Bird Watcher Brad Anderson; also, Eco-hype from bottled water industry

Dear Great Lakes Neighbor,

Each week we invite grassroots activists, artists, officials, physicians, parents, young people and others to offer insightful commentary on their Great Lakes experiences and views. Of course, we also invite you to comment on their thoughts!

This week, the Town Hall is pleased to welcome Brad Anderson, a former lab technician that is now studies and observes birds of the Great Lakes. Come visit the Great Lakes Town Hall to read and respond to Brad Anderson's stories and perspectives about the Great Lakes every day this week - only in the Great Lakes Town Hall!

About Brad Anderson...

Brad Anderson and his wife moved into their house in the wooded dunes about one mile from the Lake Michigan shoreline in 1980. While doing some work in our yard that fall, he noticed all these colorful birds moving through the trees. He later realized what he had witnessed that day were wood warblers migrating south. Brad purchased a Peterson field guide for Eastern Birds to help with identification, which became a hobby.

Brad's property in Bridgman is a Backyard Wildlife Habitat #19096, certified by the National Wildlife Federation.

The Andersons feed the birds in their back yard and contribute bird counts to the Cornell Feeder Watch project and the Michigan Audubon Feeder Survey.

Brad is currently participating in several studies of birds including a citizen science project for Cornell University, Birds in Forested Landscapes, and an MDNR sponsored Michigan Bird Atlas project. He is a member of the Berrien Birding Club, sponsored by Berrien County Parks. My wife and I participate in the yearly Christmas Bird Count sponsored by the National Audubon Society.

Other interests include golfing and photography. Brad retired in 2004 and work part-time, on a contractual basis, for his former employer as a lab technician.

New Poll on the Town Hall!

The recently released (week of March 10th, 2008) report by the Associated Press reveals the results of a five-month investigation of drinking water all around the United States. What did it say?? Due to over-use and improper disposal of pharmaceuticals, residual drugs are running down the sink or flushing down the toilet. This leads to the drugs seeping into our ground water, lakes, and streams, contaminating our drinking water and polluting our environment.

This report illustrated the growing concern for pharmaceuticals being dumped in lakes and streams, contaminating our environments and our drinking water. What level of concern do you have for the safety of your drinking water? Why?

In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new featured Great Lakes issue each week, provided by co-moderators Dave Dempsey, Gary Wilson, and Brenna Wanous. This week, Gary calls out the bottled water industry, discussing the validity if its "eco"-labeling, and offering suggestions for reducing our bottled-water footprint.

Don't miss this great opportunity to read and comment on our featured issue - "Eco-shape" and Eco-Spin! - and the thoughts of Brad Anderson, in the Great Lakes Town Hall all this week!

Guest speakers contribute content on a Great Lakes topic of their choice for five days. While there are basic rules of conduct, guest speakers are unedited and diverse views are welcome. If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker, please reply to this email. We encourage individuals of all ages, occupations, and opinions to participate in the conversation.

Your Great Lakes Neighbor,

Brenna Wanous
Great Lakes Town Hall Manager

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