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GLIN==> Moves by Ohio Senate, Wisconsin Assembly Jeopardize Compact

For Immediate Release:		February 14, 2008

Contact: 				Molly Flanagan, National
Wildlife Federation, 614-582-6392

Moves by Ohio Senate, Wisconsin Assembly 
Jeopardize Great Lakes Compact 

Ann Arbor, MI – The future of a regional compact to protect Great
Lakes water and outlaw water diversions is in jeopardy following moves
by leadership in the Ohio Senate and Wisconsin Assembly to modify the
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact (Compact)
– actions that could kill the eight state agreement.   

“This is a shortsighted move that places the special interests of a
few over the water security needs of more than 40 million people and the
economic vitality of the region,” stated Molly Flanagan, Water Program
Manager for the National Wildlife Federation.  “This amounts to a
hijacking of the Compact that jeopardizes the region’s ability to
protect the Great Lakes.”

Endorsed by the eight Great Lakes governors in 2005, the Compact must
be approved in identical form by each Great Lakes state and consented to
by U.S. Congress before becoming legally binding.  Minnesota and
Illinois adopted the Compact in 2007.  The Indiana and New York
legislatures adopted the Compact earlier this week.  The legislation is
expected to be signed by both states’ governors very soon. Legislation
is currently pending in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Wisconsin
Senate held a hearing on draft legislation today.

“The Great Lakes Compact is the result of years of negotiation with
input from thousands of stakeholders and citizens.  It has bipartisan
support across the Great Lakes region.  By changing the language of the
Compact, it appears that members of the Ohio Senate and Wisconsin
Assembly wish to undo all the hard work that went into reaching this
compromise,” said Flanagan.

“The Ohio Senate and Wisconsin Assembly are derailing the progress
made by the other Great Lakes states to outlaw diversions and protect
our precious water resources,” said Flanagan. “The National Wildlife
Federation hopes that these legislators will reconsider and join with
other Great Lakes leaders in protecting the Great Lakes for our children
and our grandchildren.”


Molly M. Flanagan
National Wildlife Federation 
Great Lakes Natural Resource Center
213 West Liberty Street, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Phone: 734-887-7103  |  Fax: 734-887-7199 

NWF's mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our
children's future. 

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