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GLIN==> Seaway Proposal No Substitute for Comprehensive Solution to Aquatic Invasive Species

U.S. Seaway Corporation is issuing a rule to reduce the influx of invasive species into the Great Lakes. You can read the Seaway Corporation’s press release at: http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/en/news/pr20080116.html
A link to the Department of Transportation release can be found at: http://www.healthylakes.org/policy/national-aquatic-invasive-species-act/2008/01/16/halting-invasive-species-requires-more-than-new-rule-by-us-seaway-corporation
Here’s our take:
Seaway Proposal Helpful, But No Substitute for
Comprehensive Solution to Aquatic Invasive Species
Statement by Jeff Skelding, National Campaign Director
Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition
WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 16)—“The proposed rule is a helpful interim measure, but is no substitute for what's most needed now: a comprehensive solution to aquatic invasive species transported in ballast water. Until Congress addresses the issue head-on, the problem will continue to get worse and cost more money.”
“Salt-water flushing will reduce, but not completely eliminate, the problem of aquatic invasive species because of the wide range of salinity tolerances in living organisms. In addition, unless conducted properly, saltwater flushing will not be effective against organisms found in the sediment and sludge of ocean-going vessels. Among other things, ballast tanks must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned to remove all sediment, and sufficient quantities of ocean water must be used when flushing.”
“To protect our economy, native fishery and quality of life, we need a long-term solution that requires treatment of ballast water and requires ocean-going vessels to install the best available technology as soon as possible.”
“That is why we are looking to improve and pass legislation in the U.S. Congress to shut the door on aquatic invasive species.”
Jeff Skelding, Healing Our Waters, Great Lakes Coalition, (202) 797-6893, JSkelding@nwf.org
Jordan Lubetkin, National Wildlife Federation, (734) 904-1589, lubetkin@nwf.org
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