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GLIN==> News Release: Superior Science News Debuts

                                                MN SEA GRANT
                                                 NEWS RELEASE
Contact: Marie Zhuikov, mzhuikov@umn.edu, (218) 726-7677

                                     SUPERIOR SCIENCE NEWS DEBUTS

Minnesota Sea Grant has teamed up with KUWS Radio, an affiliate of Wisconsin Public Radio, to produce programs about Lake Superior science. "Superior Science News" will air on KUWS (91.3 FM or http://kuws.fm/) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. every two weeks throughout the winter, beginning December 4. Miss a broadcast? Audio files and transcripts will be offered on www.seagrant.umn.edu.

"This is an opportunity for us and for listeners around the Lake Superior region," said Mike Simonson, KUWS news director. "Superior Science News gives an accurate look at so many different issues facing Lake Superior. It separates myth from the facts and we get to hear from people who focus on this greatest of the Great Lakes."

KUWS offers a mix of talk programming, student programming, public affairs and sports.

"We had a good response to our previous radio show about Lake Superior, and KUWS offered us a way to keep it going," said Marie Zhuikov, Minnesota Sea Grant communications coordinator. "It's a joy to be able to spread the latest word about what's going on with the lake and science over the airwaves."

Superior Science News will be produced by Danielle Kaeding, KUWS reporter, and Zhuikov, with Wisconsin Sea Grant as a partner.