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GLIN==> North American Ecotourism Conference: Sept. 26-28

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) invites you to join us in
Madison, Wisconsin on September 26 - 28, 2007, for our second conference
focused on ecotourism in North America. The three-day conference will
bring together hundreds of ecotourism experts, government officials, and
travel/hospitality industry practitioners involved in or working towards
responsible tourism. Don't miss it!
This conference succeeds the Ecotourism in the U.S. Conference held in
Bar Harbor
%20harbor%20declaration.pdf>  , Maine in 2005. This past conference
united educators, professionals, operators and government officials in
the U.S. and produced The Bar Harbor Declaration. This declaration
solicited the government to adopt a series of policies in order to
become a leader in the promotion of socially and environmentally
responsible tourism. The upcoming conference in Madison will build from
the discussions of the 2005 conference, tie in examples and lessons from
the Canadian ecotourism movement, and provide the opportunity for
collaboration among tourism professionals. Conference attendees will
gain advanced knowledge, as well as practical tools, resources, and
contacts, that they can use to lead their respective industries.

The 2007 North American Ecotourism Conference is open to the public. To
register online go to www.ecotourismconference.org.