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GLIN==> Upcoming River Restoration Practices and Concepts Workshop

SAVE THE DATE: November 7-8, 2007
The River Restoration Practices and Concepts Series:
Fish Passage on Midwestern Streams: Evaluation of Stability and Functionality of Dam Removals, Constructed Fishways and Culvert Crossings


Illinois Institute of Technology, Wheaton, IL
201 East Loop Road
Wheaton, IL 60187-8489
The two-day seminar and field workshop is for professional fisheries managers, engineers, planners, and others interested in this rapidly expanding area of river and stream restoration. The workshop will focus on evaluation of constructed fishways, dam removal, and culvert projects. Specifically we hope to address issues relating to the effectiveness of the various approaches to restoring connectivity on Midwestern Rivers and streams.
The first day of the workshop will include invited speakers who will discuss topics such as: modeling of fish passage, effectiveness of full dam ramps; evaluation of Denil structures; use of telemetry for fish passage evaluation; road culvert designs for fish passage and hydrologic stability; stream bed simulation in culverts; case studies of ramps; bypass channels; and dam removals.
The second day will include a field trip that will visit a number of projects sites in the Chicago suburban area, including: a dam removal on a large river; dam removals on a small tributary stream; a full dam ramp and bypass channel on a large stream; and a Denil structure and fish/canoe passage channel on a large river.
For more information please contact Leslie E. Dorworth at (219) 989-2726 dorworth@calumet.purdue.edu.  or Steve Pescitelli  spescitelli@illinois.gov

Registration will be available in September 2007.
Sponsored by:
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, American Fisheries Society, North Central Division Rivers, and Streams Technical Committee

Irene Miles
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
386 NSRC
1101 W. Peabody Dr.
Urbana, Il 61801
(217) 333-8055
FAX (217) 333-8046