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GLIN==> LAST CHANCE to register for Great Lakes Day events in Washington: March 6-7

Please note that registrations are due by Friday, Feb. 23. Please register
today at https://www.glc.org/greatlakesday/register.html

An updated agenda is available at

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on
Water Resources and the Environment, will host a hearing on March 7, 2-3
p.m. EST. Location: 2167 Rayburn House Office Building. Potential topics:
invasive species, Great Lakes Regional Collaboration implementation.
Information will be posted at http://transportation.house.gov/hearings as it
becomes available. All are welcome.
See you in Washington!

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Subject: Register NOW! Great Lakes Day events in Washington: March 6-7

Dear Great Lakes citizens and stakeholders:

This year we have a rare opportunity to gain support in Washington for
protection and enhancement of our Great Lakes region's economy and
environment. As you probably know, many Great Lakes members of Congress have
ascended to key leadership positions.

Great Lakes Day events on Capitol Hill, March 6-7, are one of our best
opportunities of the year to demonstrate that we are united behind the
region's leading state, city and conservation organizations' priorities for
the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Commission and the Northeast-Midwest
Institute are proud to host these annual events.

REGISTER TODAY! Space is limited! Visit http://www.glc.org/greatlakesday/
for more information and to register online. The registration fee for Great
Lakes Day events is $50.00 (U.S.)/$57.00 (CA), which includes lunch on March
6, breakfast on March 7 and all meeting materials.

Events on Tuesday, March 6, include a legislative briefing and preparation
for Hill Office visits. Anyone who is interested in participating in the
visits with members of Congress on March 7 is encouraged to attend the
briefing session on March 6, scheduled for 12-5 p.m. at the Jurys Washington
Hotel. March 6 will conclude with an evening reception at the Canadian
Embassy, hosted by the Government of Canada and the Healing Our Waters
Coalition. PLEASE NOTE: All registrants are invited to the reception but
in advance is required. See

March 7 events include the annual Great Lakes Day breakfast on Capitol Hill.
Invited guests include the House and Senate Great Lakes congressional
Great Lakes governors, mayors and Tribes; and congressional staff.
Opportunities to advance Great Lakes priorities will continue on throughout
the day with the afternoon devoted to visiting Member's offices on the Hill.
The Great Lakes Commission will be coordinating office visits, along with
Healing Our Waters Coalition and Great Lakes state offices in Washington.

Registration is appreciated by Feb. 23 to assist us in our planning for
these events. See http://www.glc.org/greatlakesday/ for online registration,

an updated agenda, and travel and lodging information.

See you in Washington! 


Tim Eder, Executive Director
Great Lakes Commission
2805 South Industrial Hwy., Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
734-971-9135 ext. 101

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