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GLIN==> Great Lakes News: Between Editions, February 2007


Between Editions

February 2007


In this Issue:

Great Lakes Calls

The Environment: Most Important Problem?

Liquid Soul Concert Rescheduled

Throw Back Bill C-45

Accounting for Self Regulation

Great Lakes Tipline

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Great Lakes Calls

Recently Great Lakes United hosted a series of conference calls to update people on the status of the review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

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The Environment: Most Important Problem?

Canadian media outlets are reporting that the environment is regarded as the most-important problem facing Canada. We want to know how you have been taking advantage of the increased relevance of environmental issues.

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Liquid Soul Concert Rescheduled

Liquid Soul will be returning to Cleveland to play a benefit concert to save the Great Lakes. Join us for a night of great music.

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Throw Back Bill C-45

The Canadian federal government plans to introduce a new Fisheries Act. There is no question, Canada needs an act that can keep pace with the twenty-first century; however, Bill C-45 is not it.

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Accounting for Self-Regulation

Self regulation of logging and pulp mills has failed. Thanks to Sierra Legal Defence Fund we now have information to demonstrate it.

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Great Lakes Tipline

What's making news in your corner of the basin? We want to know!

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Brent Gibson

Communications Coordinator

Great Lakes United

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