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GLIN==> Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act Grant Pre-Proposals Due 2/28/07

Please see the email below announcing the RFP for Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act grant pre-proposals. Pre-proposals are due 2/28/07.

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Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act Grant Pre-Proposals Due 2/28/07
Greetings and Happy New Year!!

I would like to bring to your attention our request for proposals related to potential restoration grant funding under the "Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act". The message below and the information available on the web link, also indicated below, will provide the necessary detail to those interested in submitting a proposal.

I want to use this occasion to thank all of you for your support and assistance in helping to get the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act reauthorized in 2006. That successful effort is a tribute to all of you, your staff, conservation organizations, private citizens and staff and members of Congress who came together in a united effort for the benefit of the fish and wildlife resources of the Great Lakes Basin. Many accomplishments have already been attributed to the Act over the years and there is every expectation that those successes will be even greater in the future. Great things can be accomplished for the Great Lakes when we all work together! Thank you!



The Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking pre-proposals for conservation projects to restore Great Lakes fish and wildlife resources through its Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Grants Program. This program provides federal grants on a competitive basis to states, tribes and other interested entities to encourage cooperative conservation, restoration and management of fish and wildlife resources and their habitat in the Great Lakes basin. The projects are funded under authority of the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act of 2006. While Congress has not yet appropriated funding for Fiscal Year 2007, we are issuing this request for proposals to allow the maximum amount of time for applicants to prepare proposals. As such, available funding is subject to final Congressional appropriations for Fiscal Year 2007.

Pre-proposals are due on February 28, 2007. More information about the program, the request for proposals and the pre-proposal form can be obtained from: http://www.fws.gov/midwest/Fisheries/glfwra-grants.html.

Please distribute this announcement to your partners in the Great Lakes. Contact Tim Patronski if you have questions about the program or the pre-proposal process. Tim can be reached at 612-713-5168 or at Tim_Patronski@fws.gov.


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