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GLIN==> Great Lakes Water Conference -- Dec. 1 in Toledo


Dec. 1, 2006 at the University of Toledo College of Law


            The University of Toledo College of Law and its affiliated Legal Institute of the Great Lakes will hold their 6th Annual Great Lakes Water Conference on Dec. 1, 2006 at the University of Toledo College of Law.  This year’s panels of experts will focus on Climate Change (including impacts upon the Great Lakes region and the dispute over the United States’ regulation of greenhouse gas emissions pending before the U.S. Supreme Court), Wetlands (including what the government and developers are doing in the wake of the landmark Rapanos decision involving a Michigan developer), and Annex 2001 Update (including the important Compact and Agreement signed in Dec. 2005 by the governors and premiers of the Great Lakes states and provinces to protect our Great Lakes water resources).


              The conference is free to the public, and 4.5 CLE hours are offered for $45.  Register by calling 419-530-2712.  The conference brochure is available at http://www.law.utoledo.edu/news/waterconference.pdf, and an updated agenda is available at http://www.utlaw.edu/news/waterconf06agenda.htm.



Ken Kilbert

Associate Professor of Law

University of Toledo College of Law

2801 W. Bancroft Street

Toledo, OH 43606