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GLIN==> Michigan¹s first public marina to receive Clean Marina Designation

Title: Michigan’s first public marina to receive Clean Marina Designation
Port Austin State Harbor is Michigan’s first public marina to receive Clean Marina designation.  

CONTACT: George Lauinger, Unit Supervisor, Michigan DNR
Port Austin State Harbor & Sleeper State Park
6573 State Park Rd, Caseville, MI 48725-9799
voice: 989-856-4411, fax: 989-856-3590
e-mail: lauingeg@michigan.gov
Port Austin, MI., October 19, 2006 – Port Austin State Harbor is the first public marina in Michigan to receive the honorable designation of a “Michigan Clean Marina” by the Michigan Clean Marina Program (CMP) Committee.  The Clean Marina Program (CMP) is a joint undertaking by the Michigan Boating Industries Association, Michigan Sea Grant, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. It is the policy of a “clean marina” to protect the health of boaters, staff, and the environment by preventing the discharge of pollutants to the water, land, and air.

"The harbor staff, our boaters, and the community are all delighted that the Port Austin State Harbor is the first State of Michigan operated marina to receive the "Clean Marina" certification,” said George Lauinger, Supervisor for the MI DNR.    “We expect boaters will seek harbors that have this certification when they look for accommodation in the future.  The harbor staff worked hard to receive this certification and we expect a boost in harbor business and to the community economy.  This is important because Port Austin is a community that relies on tourism business. But more importantly, this is an excellent example of how the environment and the economy can and should always nurture each other.”

The clean marina designation begins with a pledge to participate in the program, followed by workshops where the marina management and staff receive a marina handbook, overview of the designation process, and a review of best management practices.  The facilities then conduct self-evaluations of their environmental practices to determine their strengths and weaknesses. After implementing improvements and reaching a level of competencies, the marina requests a visitation by a CMP consultant, which serves as an evaluation of the facility’s environmental stewardship.  When the facility reaches established goals, they receive their designation.

“The management and staff of Port Austin State Harbor have implemented excellent policies and procedures addressing environmental practices and protections they have in place within their marina,” stated Van W. Snider, Jr., CAE, President of Michigan Boating Industries Association.  The Clean Marina designation is applicable for a three-year period at which time the facility must be re-designated.  

For more information about the Port Austin State Harbor, call 989.856.4411.  


The Michigan Clean Marina was developed to protect water resources and wildlife habitat by promoting environmentally sound marina and boating practices. It is a voluntary stewardship program open to all public and private marinas in the state.

For more information about the Michigan Clean Marina Program visit http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/cmp.