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GLIN==> Great Lakes watershed restoration RFP from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Requests Proposals
for Great Lakes Watershed Restoration Grant Program

WASHINGTON - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Foundation) announces a call for grant proposals for the Great Lakes Watershed Restoration Program. Now in its second year, the program offers approximately $950,000 in grants of $35,000 to $100,000 to qualified grantees.

Funding for the program comes from the Foundation and several government agencies, including: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and U.S. Forest Service.

The Great Lakes Watershed Restoration Program represents a step towards addressing the habitat restoration goals developed through the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, a wide-ranging, public-private cooperative effort to design and implement a strategy for the restoration, protection, and sustainable use of the Great Lakes.

"Ever increasing pressure on our fresh water ecosystems underscores the need to protect and restore the Great Lakes, which represent ten percent of all fresh water globally," said Jeff Trandahl, Executive Director, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. "We are proud to work with federal, state and local partners to move Great Lakes restoration forward."

"This seed money will spur public-private partnership and show how cooperative conservation advances the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration," said Benjamin H. Grumbles, Assistant Administrator for Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "Government can't do it alone and the grant recipients will help restore, enhance and protect the waters of the Great Lakes for the benefit of everyone."

Proposals are due to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation on November 15, 2006. For more information on the Great Lakes Watershed Restoration Program including applicant eligibility, eligible projects, and submission requirements visit www.nfwf.org/programs/greatlakes/.

Moira Mcdonald
Senior Advisor
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
1 Federal Drive
Ft. Snelling, MN 55111

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