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GLIN==> This Week in the GL Town Hall - Gary Wilson on Restoration

Everyday This Week:  Chicago Businessman & Great Lakes Advocate GARY WILSON

Each week the Great Lakes Town Hall (www.greatlakestownhall.org) invites grassroots activists, artists, officials, physicians, parents, young people and others to offer insightful commentary on their Great Lakes experiences and views. Of course, we also invite you to comment on their thoughts.

This week, the Great Lakes Town Hall is pleased to welcome Great Lakes volunteer, advocate and businessman, Gary Wilson.  Each day this week, Gary will be posting comments on Great Lakes restoration and the recent Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Cleveland, OH.  Gary is a life-long resident of the Great Lakes region having lived in Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago. His professional career consisted of working over 30 years for United Airlines in a number of management positions. Gary retired early from United in 2002 to join his wife’s consulting firm where he continues to work today.

Also in the Town Hall, a featured issue on the lessons we could learn from the people of Nepal and a home-page poll:  “In the US, a multi-billion dollar restoration package has been proposed for the Great Lakes. Potential projects include new sewer systems, wildlife habitat protection, and more. But who is best suited to manage the funds and restore the lakes?”

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