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GLIN==> Announce: Great Lakes Bioneers - Traverse City

PRESS RELEASE                                              September 27, 2006
Traverse City


Registration Now Taking Place for the

October 20-22,  Re-localization Pre-conference October 19
Northwestern Michigan College
Contact:         Sarna Salzman
Whether you are a lawyer, a business owner, an environmental engineer, work in the media, or with slow food, there is a speaker at the 5th Annual Great Lakes Bioneers Conference for you! Registration is now open for this exciting event happening simultaneously in 17 locations around N. America.
Meeting at the fertile crossroads of ecology and social justice, the Bioneers – or “biological pioneers” – are real people with real solutions for healing our planet and our communities. They have peered deep into the heart of living systems to devise strategies for restoration based on nature’s own operating instructions. They come from many cultures and perspectives, and all walks of life.
Bioneers are scientists and artists, gardeners and economists, activists and public servants, architects and ecologists, farmers and journalists, priests and shamans, policymakers and citizens.
Are you a Bioneer?
Join the Great Lakes Bioneers on October 20-22 at Northwestern Michigan College for our Fifth Annual Conference and a healthy dollop of inspiration and hope. Join the growing movement of everyday people committed to preserving and supporting the future through kinship, interdependence, cooperation, reciprocity, and community.
“There is a new superpower in the world today: global popular movements.” Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers founder and co-Executive Director.

Friday: Dave Jacke, a student of ecology and design since the 1970's and has run the Dynamics Ecological Design firm since 1984. Dave will offer insight into the challenges of creating edible landscapes and healthy natural systems with minimal maintenance and diverse yields. 
Saturday: Angela Macke, a registered nurse and horticulturist in Leelanau County.  She also founded By the Light of Day, a small-batch tea company pursuing a superior cup of tea.   Angela will speak on the tea industry including history, trends in the Organic Fair Trade business and her favorite aspect --Chado "the Way of Tea".
Sunday:  Holly Wren Spaulding¸ a writer, community activist and farm worker at Meadowlark Farm, CSA in Leelanau County.  She was a co-founder of Sweetwater Alliance, a grassroots direct action organization formed to address the problem of privatization of water and other essential services.   Holly will speak on fostering ideas and action for the long haul, "Tomorrow Begins Today.
Other Highlights Include:
Over 20 local workshops on issues relevant to our region including
q      Combating Childhood Obesity
q      Renewable Energy in Michigan – solar, biomass, wind. biodiesel, more
q      Creative Waste Stream Reclamation
Silent Auction with items donated by sponsors and partners for the Bioneer in you.
The “How to Be a Cultural Revolutionary” Youth Center
A Media Center where you can create your own audio, video, and text-based media
An Earthwork Music Collective Concert in Milliken Auditorium Friday night
A Documentary Film Favela Rising Saturday evening followed by a dance party with Grand Rapid’s latin rhythm band, Cabildo.
Bay Bucks, NW Michigan’s local currency, is accepted!
This conference features a live satellite downlink of the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA. Visit the Bioneers website at www.bioneers.org for more information about the Bioneers Conference and our Great Lakes partnership.