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GLIN==> International Joint Commission's 2003-2005 Priority Research Report - Now Available

International Joint Commission's 2003-2005 Priority Research Report - Now Available

In consultation with its Great Lakes Water Quality Board, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, International Air Quality Advisory Board, and Council of Great Lakes Research Managers, and also soliciting the views and opinions of basin residents, the Commission establishes priorities for study on a biennial cycle. The studies enhance understanding and offer potential resolution to critical issues faced by the Parties and by citizens of the Great Lakes basin. The Commission’s investigations are not a substitute for the work of the Parties, but rather take advantage of its unique independent and binational role under the Agreement.

During 2003-2005, the Commission investigated seven priorities:

• Advice regarding review of the Great Lakes Water Quality


• Urbanization;

• Human health;

• Annex 2—Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide

Management Plans—of the Great Lakes Water Quality


• Atmospheric transport of mercury;

Great Lakes research strategy; and

• Aquatic invasive species.

This Priorities Report for 2003-2005 contains insight and advice developed by the Boards and the Council regarding research, science, and policy that are fundamental for advancing stewardship of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem. This report, we believe, presents compelling arguments for positive actions that will contribute to restoring and protecting the Great Lakes basin ecosystem for the enjoyment and use of present and future generations. In so doing, we are acting in the best interests of our client, the Great Lakes.  The Commission will consider the information and recommendations in this 2003-2005 Priorities Report as it develops its advice to governments and reports to the public through its forthcoming Thirteenth Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality, and other special reports.

The International Joint Commission’s Priorities 2003-2005: Priorities and Progress under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is now available for viewing and download.   It is also available in French.   The Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.